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Older Caravans Electrics - What To Watch For?!

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Hello! New member and new to to caravans - go gentle!


We've just purchased a 1987 Gobur Carousel 10/2T folding caravan.


It had been sat in storage for a number of years prior to our purchase so it is a bit of a project for us. Cosmetically and structurally we've got it back up to a really nice standard and now the time has come to turn our attention to the electrics. ..


I have read around and have a good idea of the electrical systems in place for caravans in general but wanted to ask if there was anything that I should look out for/be aware of given the age of the caravan?


We've had a couple of test nights out in it at the farm, and have connected to and EHU and all lights and sockets are working just fine. However, we aren't getting any joy with the battery - though I expect that this is probably down to the fact that the caravan was left for 4+ years without being charged!


Thank you.


. .here's a little pic of how it was and how it is now!


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Welcome to the forum .


IMO make sure the electrics have a RCD and MCBs for the circuits to protect from accidents and any new installations are carried out with a 3 core flex and don't use a household Twin and earth electrical cabling . The battery sounds like it is dead after 4 years .




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Thanks, Dave, for your input, much appreciated.


A closer look has revealed that the electrics are probably going to need replacing as parts are quite old and for piece-of-mind I'd like it to be replaced and new so I know it's safe. Now. ..I'll get an electrician to do the actual work but I always like to have an idea of what will work and the design as I hate farming work out and then having no idea what's actually been done and why (the only way to learn right!?). Therefore, can someone will some knowledge have a look at the attached and see if the (extremely crude) diagram I've drawn will work?


If so, how does the charger/inverter/12v circuit all connect to the 2 terminals on the battery?


(Again, I am new to this and keen to learn, so any advice would be great)



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