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How Long Do You Think Seasonal Awnings Last?

Alex and Sarah

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Im just wondering what the general thoughts are on how long seasonal pitched awnings last?


I had heard talk on our site that most are 3 year with Isabellas being more. Is this generally realistic? (Subject to exceptions to the rule of course)


Reason for asking:

We have a pyramid helios seasonal awning, now 2 years old.

Arrived at van yesterday night after a heavy rain day, and inside of all awning very wet.

Seems a lot more than any condensation.


The wet seems to be dripping down off of the roof poles. we roof poles are mostly wet and the roof above soaked. Roof between poles seems damp to touch. I'm really thinking it's the roof proofing that has gone and that its coming through mostly where the poles physically touch as a weak point.


So where does the economy lie?

Have the roof reproofed (and awning limited life left)

Buy new more expensive awning and bin this one

Buy new then reproof this to sell on eBay (highlighting reproofing)

Buy new then sell this on eBay as spares or repair


I think a lot depends on people's opinions on how long you can get out of an awning that's pitched full seasonal


Thanks for advice



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