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Suggestions For A New Towcar

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Hi spangles. A Volvo V70 D5 SE Geartronic takes a great deal of beating. You haven't given us any clue as to budget or any of your personal preferences as far as fuel,transmission. If you want something with a little more umph then look at the V70 T5 or T6 Geartronic.

I am on my 6th Volvo at present,the first was a 1995 2. 5 10v 850 CD Auto,then my 1997 V70 T5 CD Auto ( I still have it),then a 1997 2. 5 20v CD Auto,then another 1997 2. 5 20v CD Auto,then a 2000 (W) 2. 4T SE Geartronic and now my 2005 (05) 2. 4 D5 SE Geartronic.

The 5spd geartronic box is an absolute peach for towing.

Life in general can be a journey of chance with some winners and sadly some losers. Your outfit can never be left to chance. A short-while carrying out essential checks can ensure a long-time of happy & safe caravanning for all concerned.
Ignorance can often be bliss but is certainly not an excuse and when continually disregarded they can be totally disastrous for oneself and the innocent parties.

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How long is a piece of string?


We'll all suggest what we've got or what we'd like so you'll be no better off than looking in the car/caravan mags, which in some ways might be better as they will have less bias :unsure:

2018 S-Max Titanium 2. 0 Tdci (177. 54bhp,180ps,132kw) Powershift + 2015 Unicorn III Cadz, Ventura Marlin porch awning

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Mercedes Benz C220 (W204) CDi, just got one and tows like a dream (up to 1800kgm MGW) plus it's a really great car as well :D

"keep your motor running"

caravan: Avondale Avocet ( 2006) - tow car: Renault Laguna (2007) - play car: Mercedes 300SL (1988)

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