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Swift Alouette Diamond 1993 - Few Issues....

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Hi Folks.

We bought a 20 year old Swift Alouette as our first full size caravan (we had an 1980's esterel folding caravan for years!)

Its been really well looked after but spent the last few years not being used so we have a few issues we need to fix before it gets its first of many (I hope) runs!

Ok. ....


1. Carver Cascade2 water heater - Its leaking. .. It seems that this arm that goes through the middle of it is broken (we think it had water in it that froze). Has anyone any experiance in fixing one of these? Any ideas on what this part is called and where (online) can I buy one? We never had running water in the esterel so as you can imagine I was so dissappointed to discover this was broken. ..


2. The grey window seals have melted into the windows (at first I thought they had been sealed) I need advice on where I should get new ones cheap. what should I ask for (Do I need to measure?) are they hard to fit by myself (I'm handy at stuff but I have two small babys so my time is limited). Can I get ones that won't melt again? Also I need to replace two arms so. . is there a particular type I should ask for?


3. Electrics - Some of my sockets don't work or trip,,, Could this be a simple replacement fuse? Where do I buy fuses?


4. Gas heater - We would like to be able to use this as we camp on the west coast of Ireland (ALOT) so it will be needed. The Gas control knob has come away from what ever part it should be linked to. .. Is this something I can fix myself? Any advice on it?


5. Door Runner - We have a door on runners attached to the roof that sections off the back of the van (handy!) Its come off the runner and the runner itself is coming away from the roof. Has anyone else had to replace this runner? Advice?


6. Cushions on the seats - The end of the cushion curls up which is fine when sitting. .. Is there a more comfrotable way to arrange them for sleeping without having the curl up bit in your back!


7. Drawer unit in the middle - Can this be taken out to make a U-shaped lounge? Is this a difficult process? Advice?


Wow. . when you write it down it looks as though we should have bought a tent but it is in good nick for 20 years old. Thanks for reading and I really look forward to your advice and tips.





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We had a Swift Corvette of around the same vintage as yours and can confirm that it was a good solid van. There was a trace of damp above the entrance door found when we part ex'ed it so it may be wise to have a damp test done as this could be why the door runner has come away from the roof but these are usually just screwed to the thin board of the ceiling so it may be just a job of moving the fixing points to a different location. As for the water heater and fire you may find parts or complete units at a caravan salvage yard that can get the units working again. The mains sockets are standard units and can be replaced with ordinary types unless the colour and/or shape is slightly different from the norm but if so then they should be obtainable from a caravan dealer. To get cushions replaced can be very expensive if done professionally but if the covers are removable then foam can be obtained a lot cheaper. You can take out the chest of drawers by lifting the front to tilt them back and sliding them out. If you are having the cushions redone then the extra ones to replace the drawers can be done at the same time. We had all the front seat cushions stolen from a Swift Caprice and the insurance had to pay £1100 to replace them. :o

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Hi Four Star.

Thanks so much for your reply. I will get new foam and check the electrics. I have my sister looking for a caravan salvage yard near her in the uk.


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