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What Van To Buy !

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Depends on your tow car. .. Will it tow a descent sized van?

We could recommend loads of vans, But it's got to be the right one. ...

Hope this helps. ..

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I would very highly recommend German Hobby Caravans! Since 1984 we've bought new Hobby caravans. Most recently, the Hobby Premium 495 UL, bought July 2012 and collected directly from Germany.


Never, ever had any problems with Quality and reliability. The Premium has two- fixed beds, very, very comfortable, and the standard fitments are excellent. Just Google Hobby caravans for spec. Very stable when towing too. Door on continental side, but no different for UK vans touring Europe.


Spares are not a problem either. I damaged the sie wall against a tree, requiring a new external skin. The new skin and work was completed within 3 -weeks.



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  • We had this dilemma last year when we wanted to get a new caravan.
  • Firstly - your tow car - you will need to get a caravan that will match that - so check your Mtplm{Maximum permitted laden mass]There is plenty of info on the web sites about this
  • Then if you can have a surf round to local dealers sites to see if they have a good selection of most of the different caravans {there are loads of different models these days on the market]
  • If you do go to dealers - try to get a dealer that ar'nt too far away from where you live{problems etc}
  • I spent over 2 different visits to our dealer to get what I considered the best for us to buy
  • Let the dealer leave you & yours to feel the vans for yourselves - I know they are there to help but I felt I wanted the time & space to browse around at my pace not theirs.
  • Get all the points you want jotted down - your Island bed - Kitchen arrangement - washroom requirements - seating- awnings etc price you want to pay
  • You will soon know which van really is the one for you - they are so luxurious these days you will be amazed
  • Then you have your own private castle on wheels at your disposal
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