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Hobby Owners Club Website Under New Management

Guest Hobbybod

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Guest Hobbybod

I've started a new topic on this, as the old topic title wasn't really relevant.


There's a new chap (calling himself Ed again!) who has taken over the administration of the site. I've called him New-Ed!

{No it isn't me!!}


He's already sorted out the pm system, I think, and I've sent him a pm to check!


He is sorting out the log-on problems and hopefully we'll be able to change things in profiles etc. He is also hoping to add a photo gallery and some other stuff, I believe.


So all you frustrated Hobby Owners, go back and give the new website your contributons, comments and support!


BTW don't forget the 3rd Hobby Owners Club Rally; 5th - 7th May, 2006.

Details are on the website.


Thanks to CT2 for the chance of informing Hobby Owners of the re-vamped website.

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