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Has anyone had a problem with the Propex Electric Heater? I fitted one a few months ago to my caravan so I could enjoy hot water in my old caravan. Unfortunatly it has not worked since day one. It will only stay on for about 10 minutes intially and then will trip the caravan electrics. Then it trips constantly. I tried hooking it up via a plug directly to the house electrics and it tripped them as well. Obviously it is faulty but with it being a sealed unit I've no idea why. I guess it'll have to go back to Propex?

1990 Abi Marauder (Mk1) 450CT

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The obvious thing is you need water IN IT before switching on.


When in situ. you need to bleed the air out of the heater before

you switch on by turning on the hot taps in turn until all the air is

expelled and the water runs at the expected full pressure. Shut the tap/s

put the heater on at about 8-o'clock (two or three dots) on the heater control

it takes 15-20 minutes to heat the water.

I fitted one of these 10 litre Propex heaters myself not long ago and had no problems,

the instructions are very good. If you need more help message me.

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