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Subaru Tow Car? Will It Be Ok For Our Van?

TD4 Sport

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I'm looking at new cars and the Subaru Impreza 2. 5 WRX SL estste is high on my list at the moment.


Will this be ok weight wise to tow a Elddis Avante 362 details:-


MTPLM 1100kgs / 21. 61cwt

Mass in Running Order 926kgs / 18. 18cwt

Essential Habitation Equipment 48kgs / 0. 94cwt

Maximum User Payload 174kgs / 3. 42cwt

Maximum Hitch Weight 100kgs / 1. 96cwt

Optional Equipment Payload 30kgs / 0. 58cwt



The cars details are:-


Kerb Weight kg 1425

Payload kg 435

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 1860

Trailer Weight Braked kg 1200

Trailer Weight Unbraked kg 500

Nose Weight kg 75

Gross Train Weight (GTW) kg

(GTW = GVW + max trailer weight). 3060


Have to say doesn't mean a lot to me, but the vans only small??? thanks to anyone in advance that replys.



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Looks good to me. .. Your 85% recommendation towing figure for the car is 1211kg which is just over the maximum towing limit (dont forget you can legally tow the maximum figure stated for your car!)


Your figure for the outfit, works out at about 70% which is even better.


Looks a good job to me - particularly with the 4wheel drive for soggy campsites. :P:P


Only problem I can see, would be keeping the speed down with the van on the back. ..





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I'd second what Gaz said. Should go like s**t off a shovel, and has rock hard suspension, 4wd and a low centre of gravity, so should be very stable. Go for it!



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