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Caravan Table

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I used to have a Swift Rapide and in it was a large sturdy table. Unfortunately, I had to leave it in the van when I sold it as it doubled as the part of the double bed base.

My new caravan has a similar table but is only about two thirds the size and when we are all sitting around it to eat our meals, it is a bit of a squash.

Does anyone know where I might get a large table like I had in the Swift? :unsure:

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Try some of these caravan breakers:-




Breakers http://www. caravanningnow. co. uk/caravanning/addressesg2p. htm

Breakers http://www. caravanningnow. co. uk/caravanning/breakers. htm

Breakers http://www. salvagecaravans. com/

Breakers http://www. caravanbreakers. net

Breakers http://www. hawkesburycaravana. com

Breakers http://www. salvagecaravans. com/

Breakers http://www. gwcaravansalvage. co. uk/

Breakers UKCS/directory2/results. asp?type=18

Breakers http://www. caravanning4u. co. uk/links. html (near bottom of page )

Brreakers With search Engine http://www. car-breakers. info/Caravan/Carav. ..s/HomeFrame. htm

Breakers www. knowsley-caravans. co. uk/caravan_breakers. htm

Hunmanby N. yorkshire http://www. geocities. com/hunmanbycaravans/Index. html

caravanbreaker Wales http://www. caravanbreakers. net/3083/frames. asp

salvagecaravans Essex http://www. salvagecaravans. com/

A1 Caravan Dismantlers NE61 6JN Tel : 01670 518 408 / 07980 400 037

Autotech Leisure Services BH16 6HQ Tel : 01202 622 195

Link Page Breakers http://www. swift-owners-club. co. uk/soc1/tips/spares. htm

Franks of Luton Tel : 01582 732 168

A $ A caravan Breakers BB5 3QE Tel : 01254 233 942

CAG breakers manchester Tel : 0161 205 2050 Email : enquiries@cagcaravans. co. uk

Copy clough Lancashire Tel : 01254 384 316

Bond breakers Wigan Tel : 01942 601 057 E mailbondcaravans@aol. com

Used caravan Spares West Yorkshire Tel : 01977-604 656

Johnnie Longden of Poole Tel : 01202 679 121 E-mail info@longdenj. fsnet. co. uk

Magnum Mobles DN32 9JL Tel : 01472 353 520

Craig Caravan breakers Shorpshire Tel : 01952 727 272

sterling caravan www. sterlingcaravanowners. co. uk/Spares04. htmÂ

Steadmans Yard Albert Road Talywain Pontypool NP4 7RL Tel: 01495 774 999


The Caravan Centre The Caravan Centre B & B Specialists. Caravan Dismantlers

britanniacaravans oldham http://www. caravanninglinks. co. uk/britanni. ..avans/index. htm

East yorkshire http://eysalvagecaravans. com/

Used parts and windows www. alkocheshire. com

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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Wow John that is some list. We have discovered that the table in our 2004 Lunar is suffering from metal fatigue on one of the catches where the clip goes in to lock the leg in place. It is starting to go a bit bendy. As it is only the wife and myself I do not know why this has happened. I wonder if it can be repaired under warranty as it is part and parcel of the caravan. Before you ask, no we don't sit or sleep on it!

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