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Bmw 120d Se Auto


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Anyone got experience of these little beasties?


I have just got medical proof that I can't drive manuals any more. My leasing company just happen to have a 120D 6 speed tipronic spare, which is being delivered to my house in the morning for me to use for a few months - until I can order something a bit bigger.


I just had a thought though, looking at the BMW website at the specs. The unladen weight is 1425kgs for the auto version, with a max permissible weight of 1850kgs.


There aren't any towing weights specified on the site - does anyone know what they might be. .. Its got 163bhp and similar torque figures to my Mundano TDCI 130.


Its a bit small really to consider for long-term, but if I could persuade the company to fit a towbar on it, I might be in business for a while. ..


Probably a pipe dream, but thought it was worth investigating.


Thanks in advance, Gaz B)

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Oh well, never mind. ... Just found it on a couple of different web sites and its a measly 1200kgs. :angry::angry:


Still, if anyone has driven one and can tell me what they are like, I would appreciate it. Getting all excited waiting for it now. Just got to find somewhere to store my other company car for a couple of months. ..



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have driven the 120d 163hp auto and it is very quick.


I have had this one for about a week now. I would hate to contradict, but I find it is Bl***y quick! :P


Lovely car bar a couple of exceptions:


1. Its way too small to tow my van!

2. Its way too small inside for a family of four. Possibly OK for a couple, or someone without kids. ..

3. It only seems to manage around 35mpg, which is a bit of a shocker compared to the 50mpg from the Mondeo. That I guess will be what I will encounter now I cant drive manuals. Just as well work pays for the diesel. ..

4. With it being an Auto, its about 5% more company car tax over the mondeo. :angry:


On the plus side.


1. Its lightening fast, and the 6 spd tiptronic is fantastic.

2. Its fantastically comfortable to sit in.

3. When I had it serviced last week, the dealer cant seem to do enough for you!


If it was a 3 series, I would keep it. ..

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To be fair to the 120d, I think it would make a good towcar for a light van.


I have started to get used to the styling, and it stands out from most other cars on the road.


The handling is superb, and the traction control is from another planet. One where there is zero gravity. How the heck the car stayed on the road on the black ice I hit this morning is somebody elses guess. I felt the backend go, enough to make me put some opposite lock on - the traction control kicked in and saved me from a real embarrasment. ..


The DTC button on the dash (dynamic traction control) is utterly sublime. I got halfway up my sloping drive which was covered in snow. The car started slipping. I put my foot on the brake pedal, pressed the DTC button, applied some gas - and it carried on up the drive with no drama! I dont think I could have got my wifes vitara up the drive with 4wd!


Fantastic car.

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