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Caravan Alarms


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Hello all

I placed an order for a new Sterling Europa 470 fixed bed including Eccles Upholstery . . £50 extra

delivery next April.

Swift are offering an Alarm for extra £145 the salesman said I would be cheaper

fitting my own.

What is your opinions on this offer ?


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I fitted a Concept Kel 2000 from Keen Electronics about a year ago. Cann't remember the price exactly, I think it was around £160ish.


Check with your insurance company to make sure that any alarm that you may fit (or have fitted) will get you get a discount. Mine did.




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There is an alarm fitted on my new Avondale, and haven't a clue how it works, what it does, effects on insurance premiums etc.

Any advice would be appriciated.



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Hi TommyG,


There are several to chose from. The SAS alarm seems value for money and several of us on here have fitted them.


http://www. sasproducts. com/acatalog/CT_Security_System. html




Had a good look at sas products think I will go for one of them it should not be too hard to fit. .......or is it.

had a look at the europa brochure again it was £195 not £145

thanks Frank and to all who answered. ...

will give NFU a ring nearer the time as my europa 390 has been traded in

and cant get a quote till next April when the new van is due for delivery.


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