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I used to use type of towing mirror which is fixed to the car's door mirrors. Infact these mirrors extend the angle that your eyes should cover, and you have to turn your face too much from the direction of the road. Hence I found that a bit inconvinient.


Now I use a type which is fixed to the fenders. These mirrors are more close to your eyes range and easier to follow during the drive, though it is more far.


Would you agree?


(I noticed I sould place this under another heading)



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Hi Dogan,

I think your comment also extends to the comparison of the older wing mirror and the more recent door mirror.


The old wing mirrors were more in your immediate forward field of view than the current door mirrors.


New is not always an overall improvement on the original.


Another example is the latest fashion of fitting repeater indicators in the door mirror housings,statrted by MB and now appearing on other manufacturers products.


When these first appeared in the US,they led to a spate of accidents,where an overtaking driver could not see a signal as he was forward of the other vehicles rear indicators and there was no side repeater visible to the rear. :(



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I agree that the old style 'wing mirrors' give the best viewing BUT they were a ***** to adjust - no fancy electrical adjustments in those days - so you either wore yourself out getting in and out of the car OR had a row with the wife because she got your instructions wrong BUT what happened most often is you didn't bother. :)

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