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Van Insurance !! What Do U Pay


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Hi Kev

There are so many insurance companies about it is virtually impossible to say what you will end up paying.


What I would say is read the small print on the policy. You can get quotes on line even if you look through the Google ads on our headers. There is one for insurance that will get you various quotes.


Hope it helps




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As Pete says, read the small print.


Be especially aware that most policies only cover for up to 30 days continuous occupancy. This needs to be thought about if you go abroad, say, for 3 months in the winter.

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As Pete says, read the small print.


Be especially aware that most policies only cover for up to 30 days continuous occupancy.   This needs to be thought about if you go abroad, say, for 3 months in the winter.



Hi, Any one have any idea why they restrict it to 30 days continuous occupancy? We are going to be staying in our caravan for a period of approximately 3 - 4 months and this does raise a concern.

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As you have stated the NFU is new for old how many years is that for as the caravan club standard insurance is only for three years and only if you are over insured as I found out to my cost you also have to allow for each years increase in RRP price of a new van as this also could end up making you under insured, one thing to remember with the CC is unless you take the super 5c’c insurance out which I think covers new for old for up to 10 years (but I would think you will pay a lot for that service) is to reduce your value to just above book price or forecourt price as if not you could end up paying well over the odds for something that you would never ever get near.

Hope this makes sense.



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i need to get my 4 berth super sprite insured   any idea on the average cost ?



just to give you a headache below is a lst of caravan insurance companys' there is one list that is not recommed ~:-Webb link http://www. motorcaravanmagazine. co. uk/content/links. html#15

Webb link http://www. caravanning-online. co. uk/caravan_insurance. htm

Webb link http://www. caravanwise. co. uk/

Webb link http://www. pounderinsurance. co. uk/

Webb link http://www. oakwood-village. co. uk/MerchantM. ..81,86,97,104,10

Webb link http://www. practicalcaravan. com/cvanwebs/index. html

Webb link http://www. completeinsuranceservices. com

Webb link http://www. worldofmotorhomes. com/

Adrian Flux http://www. adrianflux. co. uk

Bakers http://www. towergateunderwriting. co. uk

Caravan Club (caravan) http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/Insurance+Ser. ..aravanInsQuote/

Camping and caravan club

Caravan Guard http://www. caravanguard. co. uk/

caravan-insurance-online http://www. caravan-insurance-online. co. uk/

Deals4insurance http://www. deals4insurance. co. uk/


E & L Caravan Insurance http://www. an unnamed insurance company. co. uk/index. htm


Life sure http://www. lifesure. co. uk/

NFU Mutual http://www. nfumutual. co. uk

ParkHome Ins services ParkHome Ins services 0800 614 849

Saga http://www. saga. co. uk/finance/caravan/home. asp

Shield Direct http://www. evergreen-insurance. co. uk/

Swinton http://www. swinton. co. uk/motor/motorcarava. ..ef=motorcaravan

Tour select http://www. tourerselect. co. uk/

Crusader Insurance www. crusader. co. uk

Caravan Wise www. caravanwise. co. uk

Endsleigh http://www. endsleigh. co. uk/web/policies/caravan/index. html

Drewe insurance 01299 404050.




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I paid £141 to insure my 1996 Avondale Corfu, and that gave me £5,000 worth of cover through Caravan Guard. However, I don't think it is the cover that should be the question, rather how quickly they respond to claims.


We bought a 1992 Lunar Planet Eclipse in August this year for the purpose of weekend stays all year round as a support vehicle for my son who does kart racing, as well as proper holidays. We used it once and it was fantastic not to have to pack everything up and go home after a Saturday test day to get up at 5am on the Sunday for the race day. It was a 'van that had been cared for, light, and a real bargain.


At 4. 30pm Friday 2nd September - just 13 days after we bought it - we were on our way to a national karting competition and ready for a nice night of relaxation. While travelling along the Fosse Way, we saw a Sprinter van coming in the other direction and when we were just 100yds apart, a nutter in a pimped-up Fiesta decided to overtake it. The impact was huge! He basically took the entire driver's side off my Zafira, then proceeded to smash his way through our beloved Lunar. Needless to say, the caravan was totally destroyed, throwing all our belongings across the Fosse Way, blocking it for 2 hours.


Thankfully our injuries were slight and we just about walked away from it. But our caravan was now gone. I contacted Caravan Guard on the Monday as they only operate a call centre for rescue at the weekends. They sent me a claim pack and I filled it in. It was two weeks later that they sent a loss-adjuster round to confirm that the 'van was written off, and it was another two weeks before we got the cheque. It didn't take him much to come to a decision as what was left of the chassis was in one part of the recover company's yard, two thirds of the body was in the other, and the rest had been swept up by the local council and now lay in a landfill somewhere.


My opinion of them is quite high and the claim was settled within a month, unlike our belongings, which we are still waiting for the third party's insurance to cough up. They were also very good with transfering the cover from the trashed Lunar to our replacement Avondale, as they didn't charge any admin fee or make any complaint.

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