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Aldi Sat Nav Offer


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The following offer is available from ALDI stores from Thursday 17th November


Medion Mobile GPS Satellite Navigation System with Integrated GPS Receiver


£ 219. 99


This new technology allows the user to roam freely, without wires, by foot, cycle, car or motorbike. Includes maps of the UK and Ireland on the 256Mb MMC Card, and maps for major roads of Western Europe supplied on one CD-ROM.

 Voice output, coloured map and arrow navigation

 Satellite supported position sensor with distance indication and distance bars for directional change

 3. 5" Touch Screen TFT display with 65,536 colours

 Samsung 266MHz processor

 Built-in MP3 player

 SD-MMC Cardreader

 Simple menu operation

 Route calculation

 Acoustic Direction Guide

 3D Detail Sections

 Weight approx. 177g

With huge accessory package: including USB synchronisation cable, car fixture with suction cap, bike fixture, 12V car charging cable, mains plug, bag, outdoor bag, stereo earphones, memory card, extensive software package, stylus pen.


If its like their earlier offers you need to get there before the store opens as there is usually a rush.



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Been in our local ALDI today and they still have this model in stock. Quite a good buy at £219. 99


I'm not sure but I think it is a Mitac based PDA

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