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Instruction Manual For Wilk

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Hi all,


I've just purchased a Wilk S2 490 UE.


Problem is I am a complete newbie and don't have a clue where to start, can anyone point me in the direction of a users manual? Can't seem to find anything online.


There seems to be lots of issues already and I'm hoping that some of the issues are down to user issues,- like


Fridge not working

Water pump sounds like its working but nothing pumping through.


Any advice would be very much appreciated, just can't wait to get away.


Thanks in advance,

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I think it's like a Hobby so moved this question to Hobby Forum.


Click follow this topic. .............. ?


Google shows. .... https://www. google. c. ..=Wilk+S2+490+UE


http://www. wilk. de/u. ..Dat_WILK_GB. pdf

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Hi mate, I believe Hobby have basically taken over Wilk, so might be worth contacting them, 01773 853900, hope you find what you need .


Mike R.


Knaus/Tabbert not Hobby. ................?

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