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Lopsided Hobby!


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I recently bought a 1992 Hobby Prestige which I intend to refurbish. However I have noticed that one side of the caravan is approximately 1. 5 inches lower than the other side.

Does anyone have an idea what may be causing this? And if so what is the cure.


Many thanks. Mark

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Guest Hobbybod
Hobby caravans have torsion bar suspension and not rubber as used on UK vans.

First things that I would check:

Has anything heavy been added to the low side, such as an oven?

Is there an on-board water tank on the low side which has not been emptied.

If you can get the use of a Reich Weight Control, measure the load on each wheel.


Try posting your query on the Hobby Owners Club website, www. hobby-owners-club. co. uk


Roy is correct about modern Hobbys, but I'm not so sure about a '95 one. Older ones may have had rubber in compression, which is rather expensive to rectify!!


I agree with Roy about ovens etc. that may have been added at a later date; (Hobbys don't come with ovens as standard). Also check the wheels/tyres.


Measure the suspension depression, rather than ride height, by taking measurements from the centre of the wheels to a fixed point on the bodywork/chassis. If it's got shock absorbers, these could do with checking also; I had one replaced on my 2002 Hobby at the last service!


If none of the suggestions pan out as a solution, then it looks like a new axle may be needed; sorry!!

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