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Avondale Leda


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Sorry if you think you are seeing double, I posted a question had a reply and then my membership details got lost in the system!!!


I have an Avondale Leda, just purchased it and very excited about it, just wondering if anybody can give me some information on it please?


It is about 14. 5 foot inside, lightweight chassis, door at the back, it has two full length beds at the front and a pull out smaller bed in between (or double bed across) It has H/C water, shower, 2 ring burner, fridge, oven, single bed at the back, which I think has a bunk above once. It has a slight sloping front and a roof window over this.


If you have any details on this Caravan I will be most greatful, full name, age, tyre pressure, towing weight and more!!


Many Thanks

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The Leda model which you are describing could be either a Cheviot or Quantock. Both are the same size, and weights are the same (give or take a couple of Kgs) Unladened weight is 740Kgs and maximum weight is 900 Kgs. Body length is 14. 3" and shipping length is 19. 3

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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