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Audi A4

andy crozier

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i have an audi 1. 9td1 (90bhp) the manual says it will pull 1500kg but only up to 15% gradiant then its 1300kg.

i have a 1400kg mplw van wich i site all year, but want to tour on some time soon and was wondering if i can pull with this car or will i have to change to a bigger car.


the actual kerb weight is 1400kg on its own, thanks for any assistance :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:

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Manufacturers are notorious for putting wildly extravagant towing figures on their vehicles. A more realistic towing figure would be to take 85% of the 1400Kgs kerb weight – ie 1200Kgs. With care, the 1200Kgs can be exceeded by a small margin.

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I agree with Johns observations especially if you are not experienced in towing.


Some experienced touring caravanners do tow up to 100% of kerbweight, providing that this is not greater than the manufacturers towing limit which in your case appears to be 1300kgs,although the figure is usually for a restart on a 12% incline,not 15%.This can be verified by looking at the VIN plate and subtracting vehicles gross weight from the maximum train weight.


In any case I think you would be advised to have a bit more power if you intend to pull 1400kgs.



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