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Looking For A Camera With Long Distance Lens?

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I'm a full-time professional photographer, and for SLR's we would only shoot Canon or Nikon's. The latter in my case.


There's already been some great suggestions given, i like the D200 and D90 ideas.


They are both DX or cropped size sensors, so a lens like a Sigma 70-200 2. 8 would give good, long-range results (i use the Nikon 70-200 2. 8 VR on my full-frame cameras, and it gives exceptional results)


If it was me, i would try to stay away from "Bridge" cameras, again, as already been said, they will be slow to operate.


However, dont be put off by cameras such as the Nikon J1. It's an exceptionally competent little camera. Believe it or not, i use one with a lens adaptor, to shoot silently when we are not allowed to click.

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