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For Non Tom-tom Users...


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I use a laptop with Autoroute and Memory Map software and have found this site:


POI converter


which can be used to import POIs from many formats including TomTom and convert them into a CSV or other format file for import into Autoroute etc. It also works in the other direction. It's freeware as well!!


Hope others find it as useful as I have.

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Very often there is a free download available for one model of sat nav that isn't available for yours, but not now.





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Guest Hobbybod
I found that software a couple of years ago now. I wanted to convert an autoroute file with 15,000 entries in it to a tomtom file. Kept crashing. Contacted the author through that site and basically he altered the software to allow more POI's to be entered just for me, now thats what I call service!!!!!






Richard Davis is the guy, and when I wanted to convert a French Campsites list he reconfigured the program and actually did the conversion for me and sent me the converted file!


A 'very nice man'! and an invaluable tool.


There is also a program called POIEdit, which is especially useful as when you double click on an ov2 file it immediately 'reads' it instead of getting a 'Microsoft can't read this file type' message. You can then easily add or remove multiple POI's.


BTW Stephen, what is that 15,000 POI file about? Heck of a lot of POI's!!

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