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The beige interior of our Fleetwood Sonata looks very nice, but, light colours do have thier drawbacks. We've just suffered an accident with a glass of red wine (kids, dogs rainy day etc,etc. .) Got the worst of it straight away but not quite all of it. Labels on covers say dry clean only, so we thought OK give that a try when we return home. Started to take the cover off last night, full length zip along the 'long' side, great we thought, straight off and down to the dry cleaners. Wrong! the 'buttons' (all 12 of them) on the cushion are fixed in place after the cover is fitted over the foam. Sure we can cut the buttons off but there is no way that they can be re-attached. .....unless you know different.


Anyone else come across this?

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You can remove the buttons and then get a local upholster to re-attach them with new laces, this only takes seconds per button so should cost little.

However your local carpet cleaning firm will clean the cushion without removing anything except the stain of course. These people have red wine stain remover which will do the job in no time.

The other thing is generally the only reason it's 'dry clean only' is because of the fire retardant backing which is damaged by getting wet. ..very wet. Providing any cleaner you use is not left to soak though then normal stain removers are OK to use. One I have been impressed with is '1001 stain remover' which is easy and quick to use if you follow the instructions, including. .. Test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area first



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