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Big Cost Savings On Tyron Bands

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:D After contributing to another thread on Tryon band I was checking out the prices paid for replacement tyres and Tyron bands on my Avondale Landranger, twin axle van last year. I had the bands fitted to the van which was new to me when I had the tyres changed.


The prices I paid are REAL BARGAINS compared with what some folks have been quoted by caravan dealers. I thought that this information could help to save some of you a lot of money.


We had 5 bands (13 inch wheels) supplied and fitted - we did the spare wheel too, in April 2004.


The price was £34. 01 per band for each wheel, or £170. 38 FOR ALL FIVE. plus £5. 88 for the "customer care kit" (Basically an extra long Allen key which you give to a tyre fitter if he needs to remove the tyre to repair or replace) and £17. 63 for carriage on the 5 bands. (Excuse the odd prices they with VAT added)


The company Tyrecare of St Helens is a member of the Hi-Q network and so there is probably one of their members near you, wherever you are. Tyrecare give an excellen personal service and keep our 2 cars and caravan well tyred.


Regards and happy caravanning on Tyron Bands - I'm not on commission from Tyron or my tyre dealer by the way.





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Big Tim,


I must make a note of them as they aren't too far from Sale, especially as the price seems to be a lot less than the £65 each I paid last time. Well worth the cash at any price.


Thanks for that one



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Big Tim, thanks for your advice. At the Earls Court Caravan show at the beginning of November I asked one dealer if the particular caravan I was looking at had Tyron bands fitted as standard. (Only because I had just obtained an insurance quotation and apparently if Tyron was fitted we could claim a small discount on the premium, 5% or 10%) The price I was quoted per wheel was £155! :o


Better make sure that fitting them retrospectively will not invalidate any manufacturers warranty, I'd feel happer with them fitted. ..... even happier at less than £40 quid per wheel. Makes it quite expensive when you've four of the blighters to attach.




Defender ;)

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