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I am about to take the plunge and fit an ALKO 3004 stabilizer, I have checked that there is sufficient clearance at the tow ball to clear or spare wheel. before spending a lot of dosh can anyone tell me how easy fitting is and if there is anywhere on line I can find a copy of instructions. Current van is a 2001 Lunar Lexon.

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Hi Del,


The fitting instructions, which are very detailed, can be downloaded form the Al-Ko website. Do you really need the AKS3004, which is good for 3000kg, or the AKS2004 is good for 2000Kg?

Both manuals on links below


http://www. al-ko. co. uk/edit/files/support/...004Handbook. pdf

http://www. al-ko. co. uk/Downloads/AKS3004Handbook. pdf



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Hi Del

While we were at Devon in the summer I founnd the Alko 2500 which was on the van was not working properly, the pads needed renewing. I went to a caravan supplies store near Ilfracombe but they didn't have the correct pads. So I ended up buying the "3004". I fitted it no problem at all in abut 30 mins as it came with detailed instructions. You should have no problem. By the way, it has made towing very stable and would recommend it any one to who is, like you, going to 'take the plunge'.



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