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Big Tax On 4x4s


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hi all.


was just wondering if any of you know of any groups/websites/forums for people who actually support 4x4 vehicles.(all not individual makes)we know quite a few people with 4x4s who like us our sick and tired of hearing people moan on about banning them.

Also, how many of you with these gas guzzlin monsters would be prepared to support some form of cause(like a sticker in back window)to say you have the right to drive such a monster.

There is alot of bad press about these big cars at the moment. I suppose it takes it of us caravaners, :rolleyes: but whats next. caravans over 4mtrs long.


sorry if it sounds like im on the soap box, but i/we our just sick and tired of hearing about 4x4s/caravans etc. .....maybe we should start making more noise than the ban em brigade. ............


Few of us are thinking about setting up a website to promote the good points/ usefull links and all that for all 4x4s.(er?kinda like this site :blink: ) we thought that as alot of caravaners are now towing with 4x4s wed start by asking you for your views/comments/help and advice.

maybe someone could start a poll for/against on here. it would be nice to here from both sides of the towing world.


thanks for taking the time to read this.


one very fed up caravaner/4x4 owner.

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It is often said that we live in a so-called 'free country', so I guess that means folks should be allowed to choose what car they drive. For me I have no desire to own/run a 4X4, but if others make that choice then I have to respect that.


There are a couple of aspects of 4X4's that are difficult to get away from, many of them are big and heavy vehicles, that said their fuel economy will be reduced and there is no doubt that in pedestrian vs. 4X4 accident the pedestrian stands to come of worse, and probably more so the if in collision with a car with a 'softer' front. The 4X4prejudice web site linked above is quite realistic about these two points. As far as fuel economy and emissions go the site highlights that a diesel X-trail is more fuel efficient and produces less co2 the a particular petrol Focus. It also gives emission figures for some larger 4X4 in diesel version, which are not too bad. What the site does not do is quote emissions for the larger 4X4 in petrol version; I think this is where the environmental discussion falls down for 4X4's.


What concerns me is that even if some action were taken with regard to the 'worst' of the petrol 4X4's in the UK it would have such a small effect in global terms. Having lived fairly recently in the USA for 3 years, and seen how the SUV is so popular there, then the scale of their emissions is just enormous; and remember that they don't 'do' diesel like we do, so the vast majority of them really are gas guzzlers. It is a compicated and emotive debate, but I'm not sure that banning 4x4's or taxing them of the road in the UK would really help.


However, if you take a look at the Lexus RH 400, a petrol/electric hybrid SUV, then you see just what technology can do, maybe thats one 4X4 I would like to own, although the £36k price tag may just be a problem!

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However, if you take a look at the Lexus RH 400, a petrol/electric hybrid SUV, then you see just what technology can do, maybe thats one 4X4 I would like to own, although the £36k price tag may just be a problem!



Your post there was very good. I drive an x-trail and can say although I am happy with its off road capabilities for how I use it (tracks, fields, steep, rutted inclines to hillsides/hilltops) it wont be as good as other "proper" 4x4's. Think the Lexus is in a similar league of off road capabilities as the x-trail (if not even worse) so we havnt yet got a decent enviromentaly freindly 4x4 just yet.



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