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Advice Wanted Levelling A Twin Axle Unit


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I remember asking this question when I went to a twin, after many years of a single axle. What I do is obviously try and pitch on the flattest pitch available. If necessary make yourself a ramp that you can just get 2 wheels on. Both wheels do not have to be on the same level if you don't need it. Actually I have found the best method is a jack and then pack under the wheels. If not too high you can just drive off. I am sure you will get a number of replies as most people do it differently.


Hope this helps a bit.



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I agree with Pete - find yourself a pitch which is fairly level - and if this is not possible a ramp works well - or you can buy a leveller - which I would point out is another heavy thing to carry either in the van or the car - and having used one in the past I was not impressed with it. Blocks/ramps are the easiest option. Most touring sites these days are pretty level anyway as they are aware that people dont want to park on slopes !!





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No problem!

Firstly don’t make the same mistake as us and go buying ramps, they don’t fit between the wheels!

For side to side levelling just use wooden planks long enough to go under both wheels. Check with a spirit level and add planks on low side till van is level (usually takes a few goes). Note that the last move when parking a caravan should always be forward, as this stretches the draw-bar forward and allows the handbrake to work.

Front to back levelling is also simple. Still checking with the spirit level just raise/lower the front end of van till it is level. It may be wise to put a piece of wood under the jockey wheel as a load spreader or it could sink into soft ground.

Finally lower the corner steadies to take up the slack. Never try to level the van using the corner steadies, you’ll bend the chassis.

Have fun with the new van.

Nev and Tina.


PS: Anyone want to buy some ramps?!?!

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We have just bought our first twin axle caravan and I am looking for advise on how to level one?

Thank you in anticipation of replies.


The principle for levelling a twin axle caravan is exactly the same as for a single axle one.


Level side to side first. Apply the handbrake and chock the wheels both sides, unhitch, then level front to back using the jockey wheel. Finally lower all four corner steadies firmly to the ground.


I have made up a timber ramp 5 feet long that slopes from 1 inch to 7 inches. I have a second timber plank, also 5 feet long by 1 inch thick. The ramp is used to raise the low side of the caravan and usually the plank is placed under the opposite side to prevent that from sinking into the ground with time. Since the "footprint" of both pieces of timber is the same, once levelled the caravan should remain so. I do also have the option of using both ramp and plank on the same side for severe slopes.


You may also like to look at this thread where we have previously discussed levelling twin axle caravans.


You could, of course, always use a pair of these (see below) on one side, but that is not a cheap or light option.



Thanks to Moose for the picture




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