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Isuzu Trooper Kerb Weight????


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Hi can anybody help me here ? i am looking for the kerb weight of an isuzu trooper

3. 2 v6 auto swb year 1992

i am looking to tow a 2005 avondale land ranger the model is 6400dd s .

obviously i want to be 100% legal in towing this outfit and would apreciate it if someone could help .

on the vin plate i have the gvw which is 2600kg and the gcw is 5600kg

nothing there for kerb weight and i take it the gvw is fully loaded with passangers

The vehicle weight in the handbook is 1815kg (is this the kerb weight?)

and the gross trailer weight is 3000kg

normal things to be carried are awning clothes and accessories for 2 adults and 2 kids . Also should i carry the awning in the car perhaps?

please dont say i need a new car yet as i have just broke the bank trading in my bianco 55 for the landranger as the front pannel had the dreaded cracking and did not want it repairing as i was totally put off this van. .

regards and thanks in advance phil.

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From the figures you give, 1815kg is the kerbweight so an 85% match is 1453 kg MTPLM for a caravan.


The max gross trailer weight of 3000kg isn't applicable to caravans but agricultural trailers which are limited to 20mph. As far as I know, no manufacturer publishes towing limits for different types of trailer.

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The max tow is 3000kg, regardless of what type of trailer is being towed.


However, you may wish to follow the 85% guideline, assume the Trooper is about 1850kg (similar to a Frontera and Monterey) then the recommended tow weight is 1572kg. If you add a driver and some fluids then the you can add at least 100kg to the max tow. Early non european cars show the unladen weight as truly unladen unlike the modern euro box's that include a driver and a tank of fuel as well.


The trooper is a great tug, I wouldn't worry about going upto 100%

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