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Alko Stabiliser Contamination?

Stephen Tomkison

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Just been browsing through another forum (perish the thought) and seen a few comments about the tow ball been clean before its first use when using a ALKO stabiliser.


When we collected the caravan we had already had the ALKO hitch fitted to the tow bar and so arrived at the dealers with a black painted ball. The dealer only asked us if it was grease free, mentioned nothing about been clean of paint. They even hitched the van for the first time so would of been obvious!


Anyways, cant say I have encountered any problems when towing (although I have never towed before so wouldnt really know one if it hit me) but will the pads of the ALKO now be contaminated?


I think its a 2004 stabiliser, are the pads easy to remove/replace, can they be cleaned up at home or is it a new set required now?


How is cleaning done, any tips?





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See this thread where the topic of painted towballs has previously been discussed.


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