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Battery Charging


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Hello all


I've put my 110 AH battery on charge. It was in "good" condition according to the round indicator (white/clear circle) instead of the usual green. I know the battery wasn't flat because I used it yesterday with the motor mover. Anyway, put the battery on charge last night using proper automatic charger in the garage. That was about 5pm. This morning the indicator is the same colour. I had expected it to be fully charged by now. Charger is working, plenty of electrolyte in the cells and its bubbling away under charge.

I'll leave it till 5 pm tonight and hope its fully charged by then but I've never thought it would take this long!


Any comments?


Many thanks



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:) Hi NRF, Last week I put my 85Ah battery on charge, (it was about halfway down the yellow segment on the caravan battery condition guage), using a proper 11Amp charger. It took about 30 hours until I noticed that the charger had turned itself off and the battery was showing fully charged.

Mikey :)

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