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Smelly Plughole!


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Our sink plug hole is a smelly drain smell!


In the hand book it says not to use bleach, which we would use at home.


Has any one any ideas on what we can put down the sink to get rid of this smell.


Many thanks



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A solution of Milton is quite effective.

Temporarily block the outlet from the caravan. Fill the waste pipe from the sink(s) with a Milton solution and leave for 30 mins. Remove the temporary block from the outlet and flush the drain pipes through thoroughly with fresh water.

The same principle can be used periodically to keep the fresh water container (Aquaroll or similar?) smelling sweet.



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The sink waste plumbing of many caravans uses flexible corrugated pipe. Food debris collects in these corrugations, decomposes and then smells!


It's fairly easy to convert the waste plumbing to domestic 32mm type which is smooth walled and eliminates much of the smell. Caustic Soda can then be used to eliminate any remaining smells.


Domestic plumbing ALWAYS has a water seal in the U-bend to prevent smells from the drains coming back. Caravans aren't designed with such water seals so the noxious smell from the outside portable waste tank often blows back into the caravan.


Fit the waste connection pipe so that it rises slightly above the connection, but not above caravan floor level, before dropping down to the waste container. This will eliminate "blowback" but will, unfotuneately, make all the drains run slower.

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I use Fendoxwith very good results, its one of Mr Fenwicks products :)

Paul B

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We always use Oasis Sterilising Tablets. Basically the same as Puritabs but much cheaper. Block the outlet and use 1 tablet in 4 litres of water. Leave for a while then drain and flush.


Smooth bore flexible hose is used in motorhomes. It can be obtained in various sizes from Aquatic centres. It is designed for use with pond pumps and filters and although not as flexible as the corrugated type used by the caravan industry, it can be used as an alternative on in conjunction with solid pipe.



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