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Diy Alarms

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Sorry meant to ask,

has anyone bought and fitted their own alarm to their vans.

If so is it easy enough, as although i am quite ok with diy, I really do not want to drilling around a new van ( would it invalidate any warrentys ?)





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I too fitted an SAS alarm to my previous 'van. It was very easy, but you have to be aware of where you run the cables. You want them to be out of site, but more importantly, you want them to be inaccessible to any intruder. The tilt/trembler was mounted inside one of the bed lockers, but then a board was screwed in place over it, both to protect the device from bumps and to make access more difficult for any would be thief. The PIR needs to be fitted with care, as it's almost impossible to cover all access points with one device.


The standard SAS siren is not the best in the world so I fitted a second (very loud) one within the caravan and a third behind the fridge vent. The system I installed used a coded keypad to activate it, and I made a point of changing this to my own number but unfortunately if the power is removed, this will revert to the default factory number. I minor inconvenience if you keep a charged backup battery (9Volt PP3) in the unit. The alarm could also be powered from the caravan battery.

For further information look at the SAS website. There is an error on the website that implies that the siren acts as a PIR, but don't worry, the alarm works well!




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:) As with the 2 other replies, I fitted the SAS alarm. I managed it in 2 days with the added hindrance of a) being the worlds worst DIYer and B) having a bl***y big bandage around my big toe 'coz I'd just had my toenail removed. I fitted the siren in the gas locker, so no need to drill the caravan.

Mikey :)

P. S. Keep the instructions because you will have to change the alarm settings.

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I installed the Concept 2000 alarm from Keen Electronics. I was undecided between this one and the SAS one. I went for the Concept 2000 because there was no key pad to install (it works off a remote control) so I did not need to drill any panels on my van to install it. It also means I could remove it if I sold the van and the purchaser would not see any marks, drill holes etc.




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