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Awnings And Hard Bits

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but im very new and waiting un patiently for the delivery of my first caravan.

I have read about hardstanding pitches, is that just for the typical size van, i. e. the awning is over grass. or is it all hard and i need to bring a drill, plugs and screws!!!!!

Also wondered whether to purchase some letters for the top of caravan for security reasons.

I have been warned against putting postcode on, as people who are not as honest as they should be, can then see them from bridges etc and visit your house when your not at home.

What do you all write on tops of your caravans?


Oh any ideas on killing time for another 5 weeks until my caravan is delivered !!!!!!


Many thanks


Dave :rolleyes:

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The hard standings which we've used in the past have always been of sufficient area to accommodate the van, awning and car. You'll quickly realise that the plastic pegs supplied with most awnings don't have a very long life and are only suitable for the softest ground. Take a look at the range shown on Towsure's website and choose something like the piledriver pegs. They'll last for years.

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If you're going to add any security marking to the caravan roof, don't put your post code there for the reasons you say.


Probably the best "unique" number you can use is the CRiS number, but is is seventeen digits long! Being that long, it's unlikely to be easily read from a motorway bridge, so perhaps the year and the last four numbers would suffice? (eg 5-1234)


I have a friend who always tows his box-trailer with the same car and he uses the car make and index number on the trailer roof. (eg JEEP AB 55 CDE). That's fine until you change the towcar as these large security numbers cannot easily be removed once applied.




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