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Ant-theft Devices

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Been trawling the web for any tests or surveys relating to the effectiveness of different anti theft devices before laying out some cash.


Albeit that 'Harry the Snatch', given enough determination, time and opportunity will find his way around anything, which devices are considered to give the best chance of him failing in the short term?


Case of the more gizmos the better? hmmm not sure.


I believe that most insurers insist on at least one form of device being in place when a van is un-attended including when under CaSSOA storage conditions.



Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front Green Oval Towing Machine

Wheels at the back Bessacarr 845

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All you can do is slow 'Harry' down. I have a titan wheel clamp, which according to test reports takes over 5 mins to remove without a key (which is a lot longer than the 10-20 secs some take) also an al-ko hitch lock plus I padlock the steadies. All of which take a little time and make noise to remove. I have a tilt alarm fitted too. You can find most test reports on the internet. Most insurance companies require both a wheel clamp and a hitch lock.


I like the look of the new al-ko wheel lock.

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My theory is something is better than nothing? If one van has security what ever it is and one hasn't (assuming like for like vans) I would like think the one without would have a higher chance of being stolen?


I have a bulldog hitch lock and wheel clamp (insurance insist on at least 1)


Lets face it if 'they' want your van it doesn't really matter what you have on it, if your leaving it for a long period those lockable winter wheels seem a good idea?



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:( I agree with the others. If they want it, they'll get it. I've got a wheel clamp, hichlock and I've fitted an alarm with a tilt sensor. I agree that if you're leaving it for a long spell, winter wheels seem to be a good idea. Also, I keep it on a storage site, with about 400 others, which can't be seen from the road and is at the end of a 1 mile long private road. If they get mine, they'll work hard for it!


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The Caravan Club, the biggest caravan insurer, insists on one of the following - hitchlock, wheel clamp, heavy duty chain, immobiliser or alarm, although an alarm is the only device they'll give a discount for.


I personally use a hitchlock and alarm but also remove the wheels during winter storage.

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