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Status 530 Directional Or Normal A-frame Mount?

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Her indoors and myself, OK, maybe just me as I like things to be just so are probably looking to get better TV reception than we currently get with the Status Flying Saucer thingie.


We think our options are

a/ Status 530 Directional, which will fit in the same place as the flying saucer (which has a booster etc) or

b/ Getting some sort of normal High Gain TV arial (maybe one that GradeUk sell) that mounts onto the a-frame.


Will option A give the same performance in lower coverage areas than option B. Will option B require a booster or just plug straight into the back of the TV?


If we go down the option B route, I will probably run the coax into the front locker or battery flap where I will put an external coax point and then run this to the inside the van. Obviously doing this (rather than just putting it through the window seal) will put more connections into line and insert more loss.


Any oppinions please?


Steve and Jo

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Sorry, dont know whats best, as we dont have a telly in the van (i'm on holiday for goodness sake!), BUT if you use an aerial pole - heres a handy hint my Dad has started using. ..


Find 2 large 'Jubilee' clips and use this to attach the aerial pole to the jockey wheel.


Put the pole next to the part of the J-W that is above the a-frame and wrap the jubilee clips around the 2 poles several inches apart and tighten. Make sure the clamp on the jockey wheel is tight though!


Dad says (and as we all know Dads are always right :P ) it works a treat!


P. S. If you dont know what a Jubilee clip, have a look at this Site :)

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I've got a status 530 directional aerial. ..not impressed!


Been used 3 times, first time no signal at all, secont time a perfect signal whatever direction I pointed it in, third time a weak signal if I got it just right, but hardly any better than the telly-top one.

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post-15-1128540746.jpgI use a Vision Plus 530/14 directional on a 12 ft pole attached to the offside of the van just behind the front side window,so adjustable from inside. The pole is attached to the awning rail and awning skirt rail. Coax enters through the battery box. Vision Plus and Status are made by the same company.


http://www. gradeuk. co. uk/



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Be careful if you swop your stus aerial for a 530, the base on the staus is quite large screw holes are at the edges. These would have to be filled in because the base of the 530 is smaller than the status aerial.

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Never had any problems with the Status Aerial (Mk1) and that has been using a Freeview box as well.   If we have had problems, we just switched the wireless on!



Have bought a directional aerial and a 3 section mast for the a-frame. It is made by the same peeps as status. First time out with it at Haggerston there was no reception from the Status Mushroom but not bad from the new one. Yesterday I put an external socket in the gas locker (rather than running coax through the gas locker) and ran the feed to the wardrobe where the power pack for the Status is. Put a new booster next to the Staus so I can interchange the power supply lead (12v) and the arial socket connections between the 2 depending on which offers better reception.



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