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Help Fitting Cd/radio Player

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I have a 2004 Sterling Eccles Jewel which is prewired with speakers and ISO plug for fitting a CD/Radio.


As I have no tech specs for the speakers supplied with the caravan documents I wonder if anyone could assist with answering the following points.


My newly purchased Goodmans Cd/Radio fitting instructions raised the following issues:-


1) "The radio is designed for a negative ground 12v DC operation".....How do I determine the caravan's polarity, cannot see reference in the caravan's tech book?


2) "Require speaker power not less than 4 ohms and capable of 4x30 watts RMS" . .... How do I determine if the 2 fitted speakers are capable of handling this cd/radio unit and does the ISO plug automatically determine the 2 speaker or 4 speaker config?


3) "The radio's black ground wire should be fitted to metal part of the vehicle or pref the neg terminal of the car battery" . .... I cannot see such a wire is this black wire concealed in the ISO plug?


The instructions appear to be very simple once the above issues are clarified i. e. Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery, fit the box to van, plug in ISO plug, plug in arial, reconnect battery and hopefully - operational.


I would appreciate any help you could give regarding the above.




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Steve - Thanks for your quick response - I will be getting the van out of storage on Friday and will look to fit the radio over the weekend. I will check if there are any loose wires on the van fittings - The radio came with 1 Iso block fitted as standard for what looks like plug and play and in the box were two smaller ISO blocks with loose wires presumably for technicians to fit direct.



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Not a problem


just plug it in, it will be ok.


All the units I have fitted have worked straight from the box with ISO fittings in the caravan.


Oh, and I own a company that fits this lot.


The speakers will be 4 or 8 ohms.   so that will be fine


if the black must be connected then look at the 2 ISO connectors and one has a wire missing.   the earth is the other end of that block on the same level. Connect it to that wire


http://www. justkenwood. co. uk/stock01/iso. asp


For use with 2 speakers set the fader to cut off the non used ones




Hi Steve,

Just one thing about ICE installation in a caravan. When I fitted ICE in our Sterling Europa I found that the vans 12v supply was very noisey. Battery only was fine of course but as soon as the charger was switched on the system was too noisey. I had to fit an inline choke to the ICE power-in get rid of the problem.


Is this a general problem, or are vans with speakers and wiring already installed equipped with smoothing on the AC generated 12VDC?



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