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Nose Weight


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Hi all


I check my nose weight pretty regularly, especially after adding something to the van.


But! am I using the correct procedure, hopefully someone can put me right.


A) This is what I have been doing, I use a nose weight gauge and lower the van down on to it all steadies and nose wheel clear of the ground.


I am sure I read somewhere years aho that the van should be as near as poss level and on level ground.


B) What I mean by the van being level is that when the nose weight gauge is taking all the weight the van should be pretty much level (checked with a spirit level).


Which way is correct or are they both wrong?





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Hi Pete

I think level means the position your caravan would be when coupled to your car,

the nose may be up or down, either way thats what weight will be on your tow ball

im sure ive read on one of these threads that recomended highth of tow ball should be 17" from ground level. But I must admit I finds it difficult keeping

the nose weight within these guidlines


best of luck mate

eric :rolleyes:

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PeteS and Poppy


As long as the van is reasonably level and is standing on level ground,the nose weight indicated by the gauge will bw near enough correct. If you wanted to be pedantic,the gauge height should be the same as your tow ball height when reading the full nose weight. However any error due to level will be insignificant.


The height from the ground to the centre of the towball should be 350mm to 420mm with the towing vehicle in a loaded state,but without caravan attached.



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