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Van Movement


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Jusy come back from a very wet and windy night at w-s-m somerset

and happened to notice that the front end of my van seems to have some movement in the front end,ie where the van meets the gas bottle container

is this normal?is this a deseign thing so that the van has some cushioning effect or have i got a problem? it seems to all be bolted down to the chassis but it does move up and down slightly

the van is a compass echo 390 pulled on xantia tdi


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Sounds like your getting a problem. have a look inside the front gas locker where the internal bulkhead meets the floor. Ocaasionally this joint can give and the bulkhead detaches from the floor resulting in the movement described.


the bulkhead i not connected to the battery box there is a bit of a gap?

i have decided not to worry about this

it is a old van and i reckon they built them like that

thanks any way for your comment :)

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