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Does Anyone Know The Weight Of My Caravan?


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Hi Folks,

what seems like a daft question is because I have been given a caravan but I don't know what its weight is. I'm guessing that it is about 20yrs old, fairly small by modern standards. It is called a 'Rambler'. I would like to show you a picture but I don't know how load it on to the message.


I thought I would ask as its a pretty good bet that someone else has one or had one at one time.


If you can help please email me at timandsally@btconnect. com




Tim :)

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DEAMLINE RAMBLER 155C caravan, 5 berth, cooker, toilet, good condition, £500ovno for quick sale, 07813 561180 Cirencester. PM.


Price: £500. 00



you could try asking this gentleman,if this is the same as yours

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During their lifetime Deanline made several models of caravan. The Rambler range consisted of 12'7", 12'11", 14'9" and 17' foot vans. Tell us the body length of your van and I can tell you the weights. Also the number of berths in the van alters the weight.

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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Take it down your local council weight bridge,that way you will know for sure

it only cost you a few quid and it is peace of mind

They will also give you a ticket with the weight on. so if you get stopped by the law

you can show it to them

All vans are supposed to have a weight plate attached to the chassis

This way you will know the unladen weight of van, ie empty

look on the van chassis for a plate that gives you your GAW


If your van is say 850kg and your GAW is 1000kg,then you can carry in your van

150kg,you may allready no this but i thought i would add


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