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Whats The Best?


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hey i have never been caravaning and am looking at getting myself involved by buying a touring caravan. what would be the best option for a new comer?



Read as much information about caravaning as you can, good sources are the Caravan Club, the Camping and Caravaning Club and this forum of course.


You will need to determine (amongst other things) what weight caravan your car will tow, what layout will suit you best and what price you intend paying.



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You really are posing an impossible question when you ask which caravan is best. Best for what?

Best for a family of 6 or best for a retired couple?

Best in the under £15,000 category or is money no object?

Best at any weight or best being towed by a Ford Ka?

Best for living in (semi) permanently or best for the odd weekend fishing?

Best brand new van or best with a few miles on the clock?

Best designed or best build?

Or any combination of the above?


Don’t know which part of the country you come from (people still won’t give their location!!!) but look up the address of the biggest caravan dealer in your area. You don’t have to buy from them but it will give you the chance to look at possibly hundreds of new and used vans and you may find the perfect compromise for you.


If you end up wanting to know which is the best choice caravan between a Bailey ABC and a Swift XYZ you can then post that specific question and you will open up an interesting and lengthy debate.


Anyway, welcome to the world of caravanning and I hope you have loads of fun choosing your outfit and then touring with it.

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As zbungle says, you need to address all these questions, it's like saying, whats the best car? At least you are looking at the right time of year, it's coming to the end of the season so bargains will be around soon. Take your time and look around private sales, you may find someone who is giving up caravanning, so you will get all the accessories as well as the caravan.

Mikey :rolleyes:

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Whats best, depends entirely on your own needs, the most expensive van does not make it the best. What you want from your van and how happy you are with it makes it the best.


Basically write down what you want, berths, end kitchen, end bathroom, fixed bed, etc etc then buy some magazines and visit some stealers (sorry dealers), look on web and ask everyone on here loads of questions.


If its your first time caravaning how about hiring one first?? its a lot of money if you decide its not for you? Doubt you would think that though its ACE !!!


Good luck looking





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