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Aluminium Rust?


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Hi All,


I have just finished cleaning the exterior of my 10 year old van, and have discovered a few spots of corrosion just above the bottom rail.


It looks like rust (raised indentations) so suspect it is the aluminium corroding?


I am a bit concerned as the wallboard this panel backs on to was completely replaced last year for damp.


Does this mean it is corroding from the inside-out or am I being paranoid!


Any help greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Steve.

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I m no expert but as far as i understand it the 'rust' of aluminium - Aluminium oxide is very inert and adheres to the underlying metal so that it prevents further oxidisation . This then stops corrosion of the alu. What you describe is something diferent. I stand to be corrected.

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Guest Hobbybod

Lee is correct; the formation of an Aluminium oxide layer prevents further oxidation or corrosion, in PURE aluminium.


IIUC, the sheets of aluminium are not pure and can contain varying amounts of small contaminating inclusions within the sheeting. These can lead to 'pitting' over the years, leading to small pinholes.


Most commonly prevented by application of a paint/lacquer finish. If this is missing, due to wear and tare, then corrosion will be accelerated.

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