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Shock Absorbers

Guest iank

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As any one fitted shock aborbers to their caravan and if they have, did it make much of a difference. Due to the poor state of a lot of A roads and some motorways I am considering this option. The cost of the shocks for a twin axle is approximately £120 and I am informed that it will give more stability and a better ride.

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In the days when metal springs were used for caravans, then good shock absorbers were essential. However since there is a degree of damping afforded by the rubber-in-compression suspension favoured today, the effect of fitting additional damping, in the form of shock absorbers, is minimal in my experience. A much greater improvement can be achieved simply by ensuring that the caravan tyres are well inflated, wheels are balanced, and checked as the tyres wear.



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I had shocks fitted to my 2004 Sterling Eccles Topaz at its forst service earlier in the year. My view is that it makes the van feel more steady and solid on the road. Mine only cost about £60 and I think for that price they were an excellent investment. What puzzles me is that they come as standard on all European vans and if anything their roads are a lot better than ours!! Just one point, if you have a motor mover fitter just check that they can still fit them to your van.



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Shock absorbers should be mandatory in my opinion. They make a very large difference especially when braking as they keep the tyre's contact patch consistent by reducing wheel hop giving a reduction in stopping distances which can be a life saver.


Fit them and you will be much safer on the road.

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Guest Hobbybod

The damping properties of 'rubber in compression' diminish with time.


So how do you renew such a 'shock absorbing' system?


You don't, it just gets worse, so as Tall Limey says, you are much better off with seperate shockers which are easily replaced when necessary.


Now a leetle story;


This summer I took the 'van to France via the 'Chunnel'. In front of my outfit was a fairly new UK 'van, Sterling or Abbey, I think.


As I was sitting in the car I noticed the 'van in front bobbing up and down on its suspension as the carriage rocked about.


So I wondered if my 'van was doing likewise. I got out of the car and walked to the back of my 'van where I could easily see both caravans. It was noticable that my Hobby (with shockers) was bobbing about far less than the 'van in front!!

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Oh lawks, my list of things to do to the van is growing. .. having just convinced my self to save up for some tyron bands after the other thread, I now find myself convinced that these are a good idea as well. :blink: Where will it end. :P


How much are we talking for a set for a single axle? Are they self fitting, or do you have to have them fitted? Where do you get them from?


Thanks, Gaz

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I fitted them, very easily, to my Pageant and it tows very smoothly - running at just under 100%.


The rubber in the suspension has more damping than steel springs but not enough for vehicle use on the road. Mini's (original) had rubber springs but also had conventional dampers.


Al-Ko don't simply make them available as an accessory - their chassis is designed to use them and only British manufacturers leave them off!

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