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Electrolux Fridge Door


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If you have an Electrolux fridge 4270 fridge fitted, (and a grandson rather too eager to get his hands on the ice lollies) you may end up with a broken freezer door spring. Here’s how I went about repairing it. In the first picture, the piece on the left I’ll call it piece A fits on the bottom of the fridge door. The piece on the right, call it B, fits into the fridge wall. . The self-closing of the door relies on the loading of the springs within the fridge walls. From long trials, I realised that it’s impossible to load the spring before screwing the hinge bracket to the door. To enable the spring to be wound up, I modified a pair of children’s’ scissors by cutting a groove in each blade. An angle grinder is best for this. Also a slight bend in the handles makes the tool easier to use. With the hinge assembled, the spring loaded nylon, piece B needs to be pushed back into the wall using a 3mm drill through the hole in piece A. With the moulded cross pieces pushed apart, the scissor blades will grip piece B in it’s second groove, allowing the scissors to be turned against the spring pressure. As the spring is turned, the pressure is released on the 3mm drill allowing the two pieces to come together. When both sides have been turned through 90 degrees, the spring loading will be restored.

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