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I am siting my static on a concrete base, could anyone please tell me how many, what size/ height axle stands and which anchors are best to use. I will eventuall have some decking round the caravan(BK Sheraton)

Many thanks


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Unfortunately I think most of us here have touring caravans so there could be a bit of await for someone to come along that knows about siting statics, I just don't want you to think of us as being rude as you haven't received a reply from anyone yet. I would think that a static caravan seller would be able to point you in the right direction, or possibly the person in charge of the site that you are putting the static on would know- especially for the most suitable anchors for the sites ground.

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There are specific items which are used to site static vans.

You will need two primary axle supports and at least 4 secondary chassis supports, all of which are adjustable to level the van.

Then you will need ground bolts and chain and adjustable tensioners.


You must use the correct equipment as it is made for the purpose and not "anything will do"

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As already mentioned, it seems a bit of a specialist task.


Unlike tourers, statics don't seem to be sited with the legs as the major support. In fact a large static site close to where we live leave all the legs up on the vans once sited. The vans are supported by the chassis with concrete blocks every couple of feet or so.


It seems to take the site a couple of days just to get one pitched and connected. I once watched on as near disaster occured, they were levelling the van with jacks etc and placing the concrete blocks in place. Then the van suddenly twisted and dropped. Nearly crushing the guy underneath who was placing the blocks etc.


It could be worthwhile going to a local static site and having a look at how they are done.



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As siting of static caravans is subject to planning can you not get any information from the local planning department ?



Your insurance company will also have information as to the number of anchors that are required .





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The site our old static was on used to take the length/width of the van into account when fitting anchors and axle stands. Brecon's advice seems sound, going on what we had on our 31ft Atlas.

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The site below sell a lot of static caravan parts and accessories. Also for anybody wishing to know they sell complete Bailey caravan shower kits for just over £20 and some hard to find Bailey parts V. cheap :o


http://www. caravan-c. ..2955/Categories

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