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Buying A Hobby Abroad


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As mentioned in a previous post, I went and looked at a secondhand Hobby 495 UFe Prestige. I liked it a lot and decided to buy it, but took a few days in doing so, and it was sold by the time I contacted the owner. Pity, but I have been looking at the prices of personal imports from Germany. I have been quoted £10900 for a 540 UFe in Excelsior spec (http://www. hobby-caravans. com/) from P. J. Joeressen. It looks a fantastic van, and, judging by the quality of the van I saw (2001) should last me a good 10 years till retirement!

My only worry is the technical side of running a German van.

In particular:

-where would I service it?

-would I get insurance?

-could I convert the plugs to English 3-pins?

-could I convert the gas attachments to run on British Calor bottles?

Any advice would be welcome, as I dont want to make a costly mistake.



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Hi James


We bought from Joeressens in July, and have no regrets!


I can answer some points based on what we did, but like the radio times, "other solutions are available"


We haven't had it serviced yet, but I think that all the uk dealers will service it.


Plug conversion: although you can buy the 13 amp sockets we bought a few adaptors (put "european adaptor" into e-bay, and you can buy a pack of 10 for about £12)


We bought a kettle in germany (£3. 50) and a cd-radio in france (2 in plug fits german 3 pin socket) When you go to Germany, buy a few plugs and either make an extension lead with a uk end for the tv, or for things which stay in the van, swap the plug.


We got insurance through the caravan club, and others insure through the NFU


There is a gas convertor which cost about 20 euros which Joeressens sell. (they keep them in stock for the brits!) THis will link the german gas bits to the calor bottles.


We also bought a 2x7 to 1x13 electric convertor to hook up the car to the van. Towsure sell them, or you can make your own. The lead you want is NOT the one on the web-site, but the part number is similar! Phone them or call in.


Apart from that, rest assured that many of us have gone to Germany to get the van we wanted. Others have bought from JG Trading (Dumfries), and been very happy with the deal. It might be worth a quick shuffle up the M6 to see what they could do for you?



I hope some of this helps!






Have a look at Kitting out a new hobby to see what we asked, and the answers given. All sound advice!

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