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Kia Sedona Crdi


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With the rising cost of Diesel, I began wondering if an LPG conversion would be viable.


The vehicle in use is a Kia Sedona 2. 9 CRDi 2004 vintage.


As this car has to be modified for me to drive I will be keeping it indefinitely, I do about 10,000 a year with about 2000 towing.


I have tried a search on the internet but cannot find anything relating to Diesel/LPG conversions.


A) Has anyone had it done on a Kia?


B) Has anyone had a diesel done?


C) I believe you could get a grant to help with cost, is this still available?


Many thanks for any help.



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Yes you can mix LPG and Diesel. I had a quick search on google with 'lpg diesel' as the search phrase.


Turned up quite a few sites.


Heres one of them - Diesel LPG site You can even request a £quote£ !


Also an article from another site. ..


Diesel LPG Conversions


Diesel engines can be converted to run partly on LPG, partly on diesel. This method uses the combustion of the diesel to ignite the LPG. The benefits include large increases in power and reduction in emissions, particularly the black smoke often associated with diesels.

Typically a ratio of 30% LPG to 70% diesel is possible. No adjustments are required to the diesel injection system and fuel savings come from the fact that throttle openings are lower due to the greatly increased power, which basically means you do not have to press the accelerator as hard to get the same performance.

Fuel savings upwards of 30% are possible with the increased power levels seen as a major benefit to users.


HTH - Gaz

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Thanks for information guys.


I've just asked for a quote as well.


I'm just wondering where they put the gas tank as with 7 seats in the car (only rarely I admit) I have little enough boot space all ready!



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Got my quote today £1400 + vat.


They are quoting approx 20-30% saving.


Not sure as to wether this is worth it, looks like total cost will be in the region of £1700.


This would take an awful lot of miles to recoup.


I average about 32 mpg so a saving of 30% would get me upto about 40 mpg and you have to take into account the gas costs.


Without sitting down with calculator in hand I reckon it would take me well over 100,000 miles to recoup the investment and I only do about 10,000 a year. Would probably be looking to change the vehicle before then.


I would be interested in what others think.


About to research having it chipped instead, comments welcome.



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