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Simply measure from the ground, around the awning channel and back down to ground at the other side. This gives you the full length of the awning required.


Its none as the A Measurement even though the letter the shape you make more resembles an N.


Visit this site fo further details:


www. isabella. net/uk


With a compact awning like the Outdoor Revolution range you simply need to know the hight of your van as each of the compact awnings fits a particular size range. The freestanding Movelite will fit just about anything.

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Hello there i have just got me a compass caravan,but i need to get an awning for it

it is an odd shape as it slopes down at the front quiet steeply. so how do i work out what size awning i would need



Hi meatloaf, the most accurate and very simple way to measure for an awning is to thread a piece of stout string through the awning rail and peg each end to the ground, front and rear. Mark the position of the pegs onto the string with a felt marker, remove the pegs, slide out the string and measure between the felt marks, in centimetres.

This is the size of awning you need.

However, most reputable awning sales people will know what size you need from make, model, year of van. I can recommend Jacksons of Arley. They have the knowledge! (And the awnings).

Regards, Ian

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