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Am I Going To Be Safe....


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Hi, new joiner here!


I'm after some advice regarding my car and whether or not it'll be "man" enough for the job.


I've been doing some research and checking and the maths seem to be ok but wanted to post here for some advice and suggestions from those in the know.


I have a 2004 A3 2. 0 tdi Sport DSG and the manual states that the kerbweight is 1445Kg. The towing figures are given as 1400Kg for a 1 in 8 and 1600Kg for a 1 in 12.


The tourer I'm thinking of getting is a Bailey Ranger 510/4L which has a MTPLM of 1277Kg, this would mean I'm at 88. 5% instead of the recommended 85%.


Will I be ok?


ps. I'm going to go on the 1 1/2 day course being run by the CC.





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Hi Frank,


What's the point of the 1600kg limit then ?


I assume1600Kg can be pulled if the car is loaded with 'driver only' .


Take a look at peugeots website. They state that the 407 1. 6 hdi can pull 1300kg as long as the car is not loaded to its' max gross weight. If it is loaded to its' max gross weight then it can pull 1000kg. (i. e. max train weight - max gross weight)



I stick with the lower limit just in case!!



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The manufacturers have agreed on the standard of ability to start on 1in8 and 1in12 with trailer. This is more down to torque than any other factor.


It would be unwise to use the towing limit as the maximum tow if it was higher than the kerbweight, as this would put the ratio over 100%.Some manufacturers quote very high towing limits (higher than kerbweight),while others are much lower,especially in the case of some automatics.


I wonder which of the 2 limits is quoted on the 407 VIN plate?It is usually the lower 1in8 limit.


The safest option is to use the lower weight,whether it is kerbweight or max tow as the limit.


Max train weight must never be exceeded.


This is a good thread to read with explanations from a caravan magazine.


http://www. caravantalk. org. uk/forums/index. ..?showtopic=4267



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