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Are You On Gas?

mary ross

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In view of the ridiculous price of fuel etc we might consider changing to a dual fuel car.   Anyone got one? What's the towing performance like?




I haven't personally got gas (running a diesel) but several of my friends run V8 (3. 5/3. 9 litre) Land and Range Rovers on gas and notice very little difference in performance. There are however other considerations such as insurance and ensuring approved converter etc.


Given our respective location if you wish to PM me I would be happy to discuss further.

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If you do plenty of miles then running on gas would be a better option. The cost involved in converting is about £1500 which you would need to recoup first.


Have you noticed that the price of gas is starting to creep up also.


It used to be that diesel cars were more expensive but the difference in price between diesel and unleaded was a fair amount. Most places I go to now, diesel costs more that unleaded.


I am sure that our government would put up the tax on gas if everyone started to convert.


Just my 2 penneth



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There was a subsidy scheme running a few years ago but I can't find any details now.


I think it might have been 'powershift' but all links to their URL redirect somewhere else.




Diesels can be converted to run on LPG as well but it costs a lot more to do so, so it's not worth it for cars.


A haulage company in my town runs about half a dozen of its Scania artics on LPG. We're talking trucks which do well over 200 000 km per year though. ..

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