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L Think L Spotted A Ct2 Member


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Hi to you all

Coming home from Wooda farm park this wednesday the 31st Aug in Leigh Delamere Services on the M4 l was leaning on my son inlaws trailer tent next to my caravan a Kia Sedona light grey/blue passed me by it was`nt till it was about 30 metres away l noticed the sign in the back window of the caravan that it said grumpy something or other, so l didn`t have a chance to say hullo so if the grumpy in question reads this hullo hope you had a good break or are having one. Also while l was standing next to my car and caravan a 40 ton Artic came in and the driver looked over to me and mouthed F******g caravans. don`t they like us or something they was a lot of room for every one that afternoon or was he cheesed of being stuck in the traffic jam from the M5 through to the M4. due to barrier repairs. Miserable ole sod.

Regards Telshe B)

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The wagon driver had probably had an extremely frustrating day in traffic!!!


Didn't we all yesterday? 8 hours from New Forest to North Wales.


It is not the caravans who cause the queues, but the wagons anyway.


Nissan X-trail 2. 2 DCi - 2005 Adria Altea 502 DK,2 well-behaved boys who I am immensely proud of!!

(Also a 1990 VW Golf Convertible, which definately does not tow anything!!!)


This post is not meant to intentionally offend anybody

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