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Computer Help Needed

TD4 Sport

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place.


My dads computer is acting strange, when you go on an internet site with drop down menus (such a flight bookings) some of the drop down menus are not showing any information??


eg to choose date you drop down and choose jan, feb, march etc. ... just its not showing them, but only on some menus?


I've tried on my computer and its working so I know its not the sites?


Any help VERY thankful I've given up and switched it off. .



Again sorry if wrong post




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hi Scott


I am no techie but have you tried using your computer on your dad's internet connection? this way you can narrow down the fault to either the internet connection if the fault shows up on your computer or your dad's computer if the fault does not show up.


My bet is its the internet connection.




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First things I would do is virus scan, spyware/adware scan and clean out cookies, temporary files etc.


Is he using a standard windows installation with Internet Explorer as his browser?

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Check he is running the latest Internet Explorer version. .. Depends on whether he is running 98 or XP as to which is the latest. Are you both running the same version of IE and Windows, as this could explain the differences. To check your versions, click the Help menu then About within IE.


It is also possible it is in need of a 'plug-in' which you have on your machine, but not on his. .. I dont know which plugin it would be, so a trip to www. windowsupdate. com will ensure that you have all the latest MS patches and fixes installed. However, unless you have broadband this will take a very long time to update. ..


Most people these days are wise to Viruses and SpyWare, but dont go to Windowsupdate. com for the latest patches and fixes regularly enough. I go on it regularly, and still had about 17 to install this evening (dont worry it does them all for you automatically if you ask it to!!!).


Good luck - HTH. Gaz

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Worth clearing out cookies and temp files as well. ... Go to Tools. ... Internet Options. ... Temporary Internet Files. .... and hit the delete cookies and delete temporary files buttons.

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