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Hi there. I'm new to this forum although not new to caravanning. I'm purchasing a new Caravan this Friday and my Wife and I have gone for a Bailey Pegasus Series 2 Genoa 2 Berth. What i would like to know is are the full protective covers for caravans any good please? I rang our caravan dealer this morning and happened to mention i was considering purchasing one and basically he said NOT a good idea, they caused lots of damp/condensation issues! We are going to be keeping our new van in storage over the winter months and thought one of these full covers would be ideal, my friend owns one and swears by his. It's got me all rather confused now as i thought it would be a good investment, now i'm having second thoughts. Anyone got any thoughts/advice on these full protective covers? Thank You.

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Hi giblet70.


This subject has been discussed quite a lot in the past and if you click here it will lead you to associated threads.


Just enter 'Covers' into Find Words and in Match select 'All words' and 'Only search in titles' then Search Now.


If you haven't used it before, it is the Advanced Search feature at top right of the main Forum page then click on the little star thingy to the right of the Search box to access the Advance Search facility.


Looking into these covers myself.


Hope this helps.

 Stay safe ~ Griff    :ph34r:

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I have never used a cover but do wonder about condensation. One good reason for a cover seems to be either bird droppings or the sappy dew dropped by certian trees.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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A cover will also prevent a build-up of ice between the roof and the rooflights; we know someone who had a problem last winter when the freezing water on the flat roof expanded and opened the seal, then when the ice and snow slowly thawed, the water dripped into the van, soaking the bed. We use a "cheap, but breathable" cover every winter and for any long periods when the van is not used; we have had no problems with condensation or scratching, although we always wash & wax before fitting the cover.

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We've just fitted our Protec cover to our Bailey Senator Arizona last night. It will be on now until the February Half Term next year. We use our 'van for outings during school holidays and put the cover on at all other times throughout the year. This is our 4th winter with the cover on.


The cover keeps the 'van lovely and clean, especially the roof. We keep the 'van on our drive and overhanging trees mean leaves and birds' mess on the roof of the 'van if it's not covered. There, also, seems to be a lot of airborne dirt in St Helens!! I suffer with an arthritic knee and climbing my step ladder to clean the roof has become increasingly difficult.


The first winter we used the 'van the sharp ends of the metal jointing strip at the front of the roof rubbed small holes on both side of cover. Cary patched the cover with pieces from the large piece of spare fabric that came with the cover. I subsequently gently rounded the ends of the strip with a file.


I now cover the TV aerial, jointing strips, front marker lights, door hold-open catch and gas fire chimney with pieces of foam pipe insulation secured with loops of elastic and silver duct tape. The tape stays secure but pulls off without damaging the painted/plastic panels. I, also, unscrew the top from the chimney before covering it.


This winter for the first time I have stuck some pieces of foam on the roof near the TV aerial so that the rainwater runs off as it tended to pool on the cover there.


The cover is large and a bit awkward to fit on for the 2 of us. We use the provided extending poles, be careful they can bend/break, one of our's did, but I managed to push the break inside the pole. We, also, use a step ladder to help us position the cover.


We have the optional tyre covers to protect the tyres. We, also, have the 2 optional weather straps which wrap right round the 'van as we live in an elevated position in the windy North West!


Fitting the cover, including fitting the foam padding straps and wheel covers took the 2 of us the best part of 2 hours last night, but it was very windy which didn't help. We use elastic loops to keep the straps rolled up when stored off the 'van and this helps with rolling the straps under the 'van when securing it. We then use the loops to hold the ends of the straps rolled-up off the ground.


We have the large, optional, storage bag to store the cover when it's off the 'van. The bag is made of the same material as the cover and it not really very strong. We've twice had the bag tear where the handles are stitched on. The first time it was replaced under the guarantee as it was only a few days old. The replacement came with reinforcing pads where the handles were stitched on. However, a few weeks ago our son tripped over the handles and it tore again - it's now awaiting repair by Cary!!!


It's quicker taking the cover off but it's still large to handle. We now take our cover out onto the road in our quiet cul-de-sac so that we have the space to lay it out and fold it up to put it in its bag. As mentioned previously we keep the straps rolled with elastic loops. The large storage bag is very good as it's large enough to hold the cover and all the poles, straps, etc.


We try to put the cover on when the 'van is dry but the instructions say that it can be put on when the 'van is wet as it is breathable. We, also, try to take the cover off when the cover is dry as it very hard to dry it when it's wet, off the 'van, because of it's large size. We did once dry it by hanging it over the top of home rotary clothes line but it was a struggle and not ideal.


Protec's customer service is EXCELLENT. They replaced the bag without a quibble. Protec have, also, twice by return post sent our replacement plastic clips for the straps, when I had broken them. without charge.


All in all the cover is a bit of a faff to put on/off but VERY worth it for the protection it affords the 'van. It definitely does need TWO people to fit it.


I hope this helps.



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I'm just about to take delivery of my third cover from Specialised Covers.( other two were on different vans that I no longer use). I can say that I have never had any problems with them. Excellent quality and no condensation problems ever.

I wouldn't hesitate saying buy one!



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